How We Grow It


Q.)  Why was this site created?
A.)  For most people it’s difficult to tell the diference between credible information and the fake news.  All it takes is one bad direction with the wrong information for a person to ruin their crop.  There is no universal information for the crop and the wrong information can devastate your efforts and cost you money.

Q.)  Is Cannabis the only topic or industry discussed on this site?
A.)  No, almost anything to do with growing is open for discussion and topics may include indoor tomatos to flowers.

Q.)  What is REAL news?
A.)  Our consultants have decades of knowledge in this industry and will do their best to give you honest and truthful information.  Wtih so many ruining the industry and mother nature which can be very unforgiving, you deserve the truth.  You are smart enough to make up your own mind – as long as you have the real facts in front of you.  Fake news can hurt you, and Real news can benefit you.

Q.)  Why do I need a membership for this site?
A.) This site is for the person who really wants to participate on topical conversations and some areas only members can view.  Registration to this site will include your valid email address for our bi-weekly newsletter.

Q.)  Why do you need our valid email address?
A.)  It’s needed for our bi-weekly newsletter where we share recent topics in this site.

Q.)  Why were you removed from this site?
A.) There may be several reasons for this action.  A person who violates the “Rules of Conduct”, Unsubscribed to our newsletter or was a complete DUMB ASS to others on this site.  You may appeal this by contacting us using the tab on this site.

Q.)  Why you should not judge people or content of this site?
A.)  If you are easily OFFENDED by people, topics or pictures of this industry then you need to leave this site and NOT request a username or password.